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You live for the thrill of the hunt. Paintball, to you, means getting down and dirty in the bushes, the very tip of your flatline barrel peeking out as you spot the opposing team leader. You let loose a barrage of paint and smile as you see his arms raise in surrender. Victory.

But that was just one opponent, one battle. You creep through the forest in search of the next skirmish, a full hopper of paint on your gun and enough for the rest of the day on your back. You are a tactical paintball player.

You look the part, walk the part, and talk the part, whispering commands in military lingo to your teammates through your tactical throat mic radio set up. You know "Alpha, Bravo, Charlie" and end every sentence with "over." You don't mess around. You call your paintball marker your "gun." (Unless when you're calling it by name.) This is your escape, your fantasy, your weekend away from the grind. And you're going to make the most of it.

Looking for the Best Tactical Paintball Gear?

When you're a tactical paintball hero (or just playing one at your local field) you need the best gear to maintain your image and ramp up your game. It's all in the paintball gun, the accessories, the upgrades.

We carry all the top brands in mil-sim paintball, including Tiberius Arms, Tippmann, BT Paintball, and more. Whether you need parts for your Tippmann X7 or need to grab the new Tiberius pistol (oh yeah, and a holster for it), you'll find it at

We are tactical paintball. Even our name says so.

Low Prices Guaranteed on Woods Paintball Supplies

When we say you'll find the lowest prices to meet all your woods paintball needs, it's not just lip service. Not only are we so sure that you won't get a better deal anywhere in Canada, but we back it up with a 110% price-match guarantee.

What does that mean? If you search low and high and wind up finding a lower price, we'll match it and give you another 10% off the difference, too.

Insanely Easy Return Policy for Paintball Guns and More

Still not happy? We can't imagine why you wouldn't be, but just in case, we offer hassle free returns for a full year. Don't like something? Doesn't fit? Doesn't work? Send it back and we'll replace it or provide a credit so you can get exactly what you need. Tactical paintball guns, loaders and other parts all have a lifetime service warranty, too. Just like your teammates on the field, we've got your back.

No-Hassle Shipping from Canada, Across Canada

If you've ever purchased tactical paintball gear online from a company based in the United States, you know what a pain it can be. It's almost worse than trying to fly with your paintball gear and we don't know anyone who looks forward to that.

For fast, hassle-free shipping, buy from a Canadian company. We ship direct from our warehouse in Vancouver, Canada, all across Canada. In most cases, we'll ship same-day, so you can get your gear fast. Order a new gun on Monday, and you'll probably have it for Saturday's big scenario game. How does that sound?

We Care About Paintball

Here's where we start getting a little sapping, tearing through that "tough guy in a tactical vest with a Tippmann X7 slung on our back" veneer. We just love paintball. We're all players here at and it's our life mission to help the sport grow across Canada.

This means offering great service, low prices, and helping introduce younger players to the game by setting them up with the best gear at affordable prices.

If you're a parent and have questions or concerns about woods paintball, give us a call and we'll be happy to chat. If you're a veteran woodsball player and want to talk about some of the hottest mods available for the Tippmann Phenom, or get some advice on one of the 1,000 ways you can mod an X7, we're here.

We have phone operators standing by so you can reach out to us virtually any time. We're just waiting for your call. There are lots of things we love about working here at, but our customers are, by far, our favorite part. (Hey, I warned you we'd get a little sappy here).

Now, go. Browse the site. Give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions. And, most of all, have fun out there.

Why Buy From Tactical Paintball Canada? Ships from Canada. 110% Price Guarantee. Hassle Free Returns.